What is Karma?

‘What goes around comes around’ is the first thing that pops into most people’s minds when they hear the word Karma. I’m going to put forward a slightly different perspective to you today, read on!

Do you find yourself stuck in the same cycles, somehow attracting the same situations and people into your life over and over again? Think about it, is it really just a coincidence? Hardly! Unresolved karmic issues are lessons and circumstances that we have agreed to experience and learn from before incarnating, in order to grow and reach your best and highest potential.

More often than not, the source of the so called ‘bad karma’ is manifested through the people and situations in our lives. Feelings such as anger, hurt, shame and resentment are often attached to it. Be it a previous or current boss, the partners you attract, certain types of friends who come into your life or family members around you, they can leave you feeling low, furious, trapped and cranky. These people are in your life for a reason, often reflecting a shadow part of yourself. Identify these patterns, step int the light and break those suckers.

So how do you shut the karma door for good? The most effective way to resolve a karmic issue from popping up over again is to gain closure. That’s right, do the work! If it is forgiveness that is needed to heal, then start right there. Not the kind of forgiveness where you head tells you it’s the right thing to do but your heart is still twisting in pain and crippled with hurt – get down to the nitty gritty, journal away until you find the core of the situation, the ‘real’ source of the hurt. Take the necessary steps to resolve and move forward. Seek out the services of an Energy Healer to give you insight, added tools and support so you can heal. Truth be known, If you can’t find a way to genuinely make peace with your past, the universe will bring you back to the same place, again and again until you learn the lesson intended. 

Your experience on this earth all comes down to perspective and you are in 100% in charge of yours. Your karma is yours alone and only you can change it. It’s up to you to be the best version of yourself that you can be and make your choices, your perspectives and goals count. You got this!!

With love, light & laughter,




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