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Mercury Retrograde – The Back Story

Further to my last post on “Mercury Retrograde – what to focus on and what to avoid”, I’d like to expand a little more on the energies surrounding this potentially ‘frustrating’ cycle. The Roman god Mercury the Messenger is known as the god of trade, merchants, travellers, transportation, shipping, technology and machinery. The overseer all types […]

Mercury Retrograde – what to focus on and what to avoid

What does Mercury Retrograde mean? In astrology, Mercury the ‘Messenger’ planet rules communication and thinking. A Mercury Retrograde typically happens 3 or sometimes 4 times each year, occurring when the planet Mercury passes the Earth in orbit, slows down, appears to stop (station), and moves backwards (retrograde). Each planet retrogrades, except the Sun and the Moon and it […]

Lunar secrets to luscious locks

Who doesn’t want naturally beautiful healthy hair? Maybe you are a ‘short hair, don’t care’ kinda gal maintaining a cute hairstyle or you’d love to know the trick to growing long locks as fast and as strong as possible. This article is going show you how to work with the moon cycles to get the […]

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