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What an amazing time of year… December is the time for reflection, the year that was, and the year that will be.  Alot of us are thinking how do we make the most of next year?  How do we increase positivity and give negativity the flick and look forward to a clean slate… Great questions! If you have also asked this then this blog post is for you.

When looking to increase positivity in all areas of your life, the best place to start is in your environment. Your home and office, where you spend the most time. Do you know how much the invisible energies in your environment have a tangible affect on your mood, productivity, purpose and passion?  The places in which we live and work are filled with energy, past and present.  All of this energy lingering within your space is made up of thoughts, actions and conversations of previous occupants as well as all the things the current people have experienced within it’s walls, both positive and negative.  For optimum health, happiness, lightness and success it’s vital that our environment be balanced, harmonious and positive.  If your family or business has experienced any significant negativity during the year, everyone will benefit and be uplifted to a better place from the house and office being spring cleaned and healed of any heavy energy.

As the new year rolls in, it’s a great time to consider space clearing for an instant uplift to the feeling and energy of any home, office or space. It’s the perfect time for completion and transformation, and preparing yourself for new beginnings, bigger goals, and letting go of the people, situations, relationships and mind-sets that are no longer serving or supporting you in your life as well.

So, how do we clear our space, be free of the past and set ourselves up for an amazing 2014 ahead?

Firstly, let’s talk about the principles of Feng Shui and the underlying common sense approach of clearing out clutter to clear a path, and welcome in the flow of energy for new opportunities and growth.

Feng Shui noun
fɛŋ ˈʃuːi,ˌfʌŋ ˈʃweɪ/ 1.  a system of laws considered to govern spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy (chi), and whose favourable or unfavourable effects are taken into account when siting and designing buildings.

Feng Shui is however more than just the placement of your furniture.  It’s about understanding how your environment influences and reflects what is happening in your life. It is an ancient art used to remove the negative and release the positive energy that not only affects your environment and personal life, but also the success in your business.

If you are struggling in a particular area in your business it may show up as clutter or lack of creativity in your space. By applying the simple principals of Feng Shui to your working area you enable the positive energy to flow. Unlocking this positive energy in essence helps support your goals and intentions for success. Once you have made the intention in your mind, the next step is to implement that in your space!

Now that you know about the foundation of Feng Shui, let’s get started with some wonderful things you can do yourself to enhance your life and goals…


Starting with, your front entrance

The main entry is important in feng shui because it is through the main door that the house absorbs its energy or ‘chi‘. It’s also the first impression and the portal for bringing in opportunities into your home or office. In Feng Shui your front door and entrance tells you everything about your own path in life and your career.  If your frontdoor, entrance to your home and hallway are untidy, messy and difficult to find for people… well it tells you more about how you look at life and yourself. It’s a perfect mirror.

1. Clear away clutter, weeds, dead plants and leaves from your front yard, pathways and/or verandah to welcome in new energy.
2. Place a bright, cheerful welcome mat at the front door.
3. If possible, paint your front door a stunning colour.  In Feng Shui red is the colour of prosperity and abundance. Green is the colour of wealth.
4. Place a bushy, high, round leaf plant on either side of your front door, keeping the entrance clear.
5. Hang white lights around your front entrance to attract golden opportunities.
6. Install a water feature on the right side of your front door to bring fortunate energy in every time you open the door.


Hallways & thoroughfares

The Hallway is the first thing you see when you walk into a home or office, and often there’s likely to be more than one. Hallways are important as they circulate the flow of energy, chi around the rest of your home/office, so you’ll want your hallway to sparkle a little.

1. Add some light (nobody wants to walk into doom & gloom).
2. Place a mirror in it. The mirror can bounce around the light and also make the area appear larger. Just make sure that what is reflected in the mirror is something that makes your feel happy and that you want more of in your life, because a mirror will “mirror” it for you.
3. A wonderful option for the walls in your hallway is to use the space to display your family photos or favourite artwork.
4. Definitely no clutter or storage here! You do not want to create any blockages in any area, least of all in the thoroughfares, as this is were the Chi circulates and nourishes the rest of your home/office.

Your office or work area

For some of you this will be your home office, for others this will be your corner office or cubicle within your employer’s building. When you know how to apply a few positive changes you’re making the best out of what you have towards a more vibrant and successful energy in your office space, especially within a place we spend so much of our time and productivity.

In Feng Shui water is wealth.  If you want to be surrounded by financial energy, that energy’s element is water. Keep a clear, running and full fountain in your office to help keep you relaxed and stimulate business opportunities.

North is the business opportunity sector, is also the direction associated with water. Adding metal there will also stimulate water energy, and that stimulates business and money from your business.

Create a home and office that sparkles and stands out from the rest.


white-sageHave you ever walked into a space and got a bad vibe or an uncomfortable feeling about it? The chances are you are picking on previous energies, negative, stagnant and unwanted energies hanging around. The best way to freshen up a office or home is by preforming a sage smudging ceremony to correct the energy.

Smudging is the name given to a powerful cleansing technique used in Native American spiritual traditions where the smoke from specific dried herbs is used to purify and cleanse a person, place, or object.

You can buy some dried sage and do this yourself (beware of potential fire hazard), or call in an experienced space clearer to smudge your space, who can also intuitively pick up on areas that need special attention, clear any bad juju from the previous occupants and if required, rid your space of any unwanted spirits, by sending them to the light.

If you are interested in having a professional space clearing conducted in your home and/or office by way of a sage smudging ceremony, I do offer this service to any local clientele on the Sunshine Coast. My space clearing sessions are ideal if you are moving into a new home, starting up a new biz in a new office space or they’re a nice touch for your new baby’s nursery before bringing your precious bundle of joy home from the hospital.

Click here for more info on Space Clearing consultations.

Space Clearing

Water splash isolated on whiteSpace Clearing Sprays are used to dispel and purify negative emotional, mental and psychic energies, lower or unwanted energy from your home, office, car, meditation space, healing room and your aura/energy field. They are ideal to instantly clearing tense situations and restoring harmony.

Use by simply misting around a room, desired space or around your aura/energy field, transmuting negative and unwanted energy.

I have create my own line of Space Clearing sprays, made with 100% natural ingredients. Each bottle is lightly fragranced with 7 pure essential oils, crystal essence, blessed specifically for you and are handmade with ♡. Lots of it!

Available for purchase in 100ml and 200ml sizes. Please visit my Online Shop.



Cleansing Crystals

The expression “crystal clear” stems from the science of crystals. Crystals are not just a new age fantasy, they are used everyday in many forms from the medical industry to the corner store. In their essence, Crystals are an effective way to ward off negative energy, bad vibes and electro radiation from your workspace and home. Various crystals will aid in increased abundance and good fortune where others will transmute negative energies and excessive radiation from your computer monitors, servers and smartphones.  Here are three of the best crystals to clear and energise your space:



Citrine is happy and energising, one of the few crystals that never requires cleansing. Citrine will absorb and transmute negative energy. A stone of creativity and abundance, attracting wealth and prosperity. Citrine can be placed in the far left corner of your home/office, as this area represents your financial zone. For increased confidence you can also carry or wear a citrine. You can also place a few citrine crystals under your child’s bed for when they are just starting school or have exams. You get the idea.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is a grounding and protective stone, known to absorb radiation and electromagnetic smog. An antidote to stress, smokey quartz also helps concentration and communication.  It is also an excellent stone for protection from negative energy, as It removes negativity and negative energy of any kind and transforms them to positive energy.  It enhances business creativity, organisational skills and is good to have around in your workplace or home office!  It’s also been known as a reliever of depression. A wonderful crystal.


Amethyst comes in shades of light to deep purple. It is a stone of inner peace, protection and enhanced intuition.
The Amethyst energy repels negative energy and attracts positive energy and calms the emotions floating around a home or office space. Amethyst crystal clusters are used to keep the air and life force in the home clean and positive. Amethysts are great for feeling calm and content within your environment.

Remember, do your best with what you have, and better things will follow. ♡

Feng Shui and space clearing doesn’t have to stop with the physical realm, as these days we all collect clutter electronically as well.  How’s your computer files and inbox looking?  Perhaps, your online presence could use a de-clutter? Ahuh, I thought so….and that’s a whole other story.

I hope this has given you food for thought and inspiration to set aside some time to put in place positive changes in your environment for the new successful year ahead.  Wishing you a wonderful 2014.

With Love, light & laughter,



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