Raise your vibration and frequency

Energy, unlimited and universal, flows through all organic life, your body, your environment, the ocean and the stars. You have probably heard of this life force energy referred to as Chi or prana.

All energy has a vibration that emits a frequency and frequency is measured in megahertz (Mhz), so naturally our bodies and organs vibrate with their own unique vibrational frequency. Even every disease has a frequency. Check out the table below.


A wise man once said (Buddha) “The mind is everything. What you think you become.” You naturally attract that which is in harmony with your state of being. When you shift the frequency you are emitting, your thoughts, feelings and being shifts as well.

Here are some examples of low vibrational emotions:
Guilt, Rage, Anger, Blame, Doubt, Fear, Jealousy and Worry

Here are some examples of high vibrational emotions:
Joy, Freedom, Love, Passion, Enthusiasm, Optimism and Hopefulness

Did you know that high & low vibrations cannot co-exist? If you are financially broke, then the signal you are putting out is one of continually being broke. If you are a pessimist, then it is likely you will attract more of the same types of people and situations into your life. Like attracts like. When you are positive and full of joy, this is the vibrational frequency that you put out into the universe, attracting positive people an experiences into your life. When you are vibin’ high, the body is more in balance which triggers your body’s natural healing ability, promoting increased health and wellbeing. The more you can shine your light, you can’t help but notice increased clarity, purpose, intuition, synchronicity and a stronger spiritual connection. You align yourself with your purpose and you will begin to manifest and consciously create all those good thoughts, feelings, hopes and your desires.

Here are some ways that you can shift your vibration to be vibin’ at a higher frequency:

Living plants rock and will instantly liven up the appearance of any space. Green is a healing colour and oxygen producing plants are a sure fire way to uplift and energise you.

Adopting in an attitude of gratitude. Means being aware and grateful for what you have and for what you bring to the world, making it easier to to be in the moment, to appreciate, and create more of what you want.

Music and dancing
When you hear ‘your jam’ and instantly your body starts moving, you can actually feel those feel good endorphins rush around our body, right? When you start dancing like no one is watching – who doesn’t love that feeling?

Organic food
As we know all living things are full of energy and and frequencies. This includes the food we put into our bodies. Fresh, local, and organic produce carries a higher vibration than packaged, canned and processed food which have no measurable frequency.

Take some time away from social media and your inbox, switch off the box and reconnect with mother nature. Taking a walk on the beach, going on a hike, bush walk, taking a camping trip and even just  sitting in the park and reading a good book will ground and re-centre you. Your thoughts are clearer, you are inhaling all that fresh air and you are more present.

Self care
It’s so important to take some regular time out of your schedule to do the things you love, to do all those things that make you feel good. You deserve it! Who doesn’t love a good massage or mani/pedi? You can also book in for an energy healing session to rebalance your chakras and energy field. You’ll always feel better after some ‘me’ time so go ahead and make a conscious effort to bring more of those ‘good vibes’ into your life.

Essential oils
Diffusing therapeutic grade essential oils not only creates a beautiful ambience, but is a a very effective way to vibe up your space ‘tout de suite’. Each oil carries it’s own frequency with the essence of rose vibrating the highest (320Mhz). For thousands of years rose has been used to enhance mood and to enhance beauty – just think of the last time you came across or received a fresh bunch of roses, how beautiful they are to the eye, fragrant and uplifting they are to smell. Here are some other examples of essential oil frequencies that have been measured by Bruce Tainio of Tainio Technologies.

➳  Frankincense 147 MHz
➳  Ravensara 134 MHz
➳  Lavender 118 MHz
➳  Blue Tansy 105 MHz
➳  Chamomile, German 105 MHz
➳  Juniper 98MHz
➳  Sandalwood 96 Mhz
➳  Peppermint 78 MHz
➳  Basil 52 MHz

Crystals found deep in the earth carry specific metaphysical and healing properties. You only need to hold a crystal for a moment to feel the energy they emit. Some people feel this energy as a pulse, an electrical charge or even feel the crystal as warm or cool.

Vibrational Healing Tools
I have found a unique range of affordable everyday products which work to raise your own vibrational frequency and that of your environment. The award winning VibesUP products combines natures blend of plant essential oils, crystal gemstones and the VibesUp patent pending Liquid Crystal coating which amplifies each products healing abilities, supporting your physical, mental and emotional bodies. I carry drink bottles to charge your drinking water with 1 million rays of healthy (piezo) energy per second, Electromagnetic Field harmonisers for your phone and tablet, face cream, toothpaste, grounding soles for your shoes, crystal bracelets and more. Check out my Online Shop for more information and these products and how they work.

Good vibes are contagious!

With love, light & laughter,




Essential Oil Frequency source: http://www.tainio.com

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