Protecting yourself and your family from EMF exposure

Do your kids spend time an iPhone or iPad? Do you run a wifi device/s in your home? Did you know that the numerous appliances and entertainment devices that you and your family are exposed to every day could really be affecting your health? Children are particularly vulnerable to EMF (electromagnetic fields) with their little nervous systems and brains still developing.

It seems that my generation (X) may have been the last generation to grow up mobile phone, tablet and wifi free, and for some of you, your childhood and adolescent years were microwave free too! Growing up in Australia, you would spend your afternoons running around with your neighbourhood friends outside breathing lots of fresh air whilst getting a good dose of grounding, and then come running home when the ‘street lights came on’ before Mum yelled at you. Aahh, the good ol’ days!

What are EMFs and how do they effect us?

EMF or Electromagnetic Fields are invisible electrical and magnetic forces, a type of radiation, which take the form of wavesThese invisible electronic toxins are all around us on a larger scale than we can imagine.

Electronics put out positive (+) ions (nonphysical electricity) that aggressively seek to balance themselves with negative (-) ions (nonphysical matter, including our bodies) to rebalance themselves, zapping a person’s life vitality and natural balance which can affect energy levels, sleep, memory, emotions, bring on headaches, fatigue, and mood swings. The list goes on

If you were using these electronics devices while standing barefoot outside on the grass surrounded by nature’s healthy negative ions, there would be an easy balance found, but in our modern lifestyle we have very little negative (earth) ions around us and the positive ions seek out the next organic matter – which is our bodies. They will literally etch away at our bodies to seek balance from our negative ions.

Just like a house, a human body is very electrical and we were also designed to be grounded. Otherwise the energy can build up, become chaotic and short circuit (just like a house).

Although the words ‘negative’ has a negative association, negative ions are in fact GOOD for us and create positive vibes! Some examples of good for you negative ions include; salt lamps, ocean surf, flowing rivers, waterfalls, thunderstorms – it makes you feel good just thinking about them right? Other natural forms include various crystals such Black Tourmaline which is a powerful protection and grounding stone, guarding against radiation and environmental pollution.

So what can we do about EMF?

As a person who works with and is sensitive to energy, it is my opinion that mobile phones and tablets in particular feel loaded with a high level of EMF, particularly as we place them on or very close to our bodies I know many of you understand exactly what I mean! I have always used my handsfree earphones to talk through as I cannot stand having that thing up against my ear and face! My saving grace has been my VibesUP iPhone Case with EMF Ionizer Icky Shield Insert. I can really feel this working to neutralise the electromagnetic toxins coming from my iPhone, which lowers my concern for having my iPhone close by or when I am using it. The good news is that the strength of EMF wanes the further away you are from the source.

Rather than be fearful of EMF, I recommend you be aware and proactive. Here are some helpful tips to reduce EFM exposure in your home:

➳  Remove your clock radio, mobile phone and anything electrical from next to your bed head and place it in another room. For those who do need a wake up call, set your device to a higher volume so that you can hear it from a distance

➳  If you also have a cordless phone in your room where you sleep, or next to the lounge or desk where your sit for extended periods of time, move it – the bases are a big source of EMF

➳  Avoid sleeping next to the wall where your main power meter is attached to

➳  Be aware that turning off the power point does not eliminate EMF. Power points or electrical outlets still carry voltage whether on of off. For a good night’s sleep, I make sure the power points next to my bed head are covered with a piece of Zeolite Real Earth Vibrational Therapy Mat to neutralise any EMF. These mats can be used for over 100 different uses around the home, on the body, for food beverages and pets

➳  Allowing approx. 2 metres distance between you and any EMF offender will drastically reduce or eliminate your exposure

➳  Spending more time in nature will rebalance, reground and recharge you

How VibesUP Vibrational Healing Tools can help?

VibesUP tools can help give energy to and raise the vibration of anything they are around, which is why I love them so much. The above mentioned EMF Ionizer Insert in the VibesUP Phone Case has over twenty natural negative ion ingredients inside it, including Black Tourmaline. This Patented delivery produces over 1 million rays of nature’s balanced energy per second (piezo energy), helping to feed the mobile phone with what it needs, which can reduce the phones need to feed life energy from our bodies.

Remember this insert does not stop a phone from producing positive ions, it simply feeds it the negative ions that are contained on the Ionizer insert, to help neutralize and harmonize the energy. Cases with Ionizer Inserts are available for iPhone models 3, 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 6, 6 Plus and for full sized iPads (does not fit mini  iPad or iPad Air).


Another product I use around my home is VibesUP Earth Ion Pyramid Room Purifiers have been tested and shown to take a room with low draining energy which measured a -1 up to a very healthy energy of 12+ which is wonderful considering a healthy energy for a room is a 10, then 12+ is even better! This pyramid shape combined with VibesUP formula literally breathes the nonbeneficial energy in (magnetic), reharmonizes it and breathes it back out again (electro) which helps to gently clear the non beneficial energy of a room on a continual basis without having to plug it in, monitor it, or even change filters. It requires no maintenance, and never stops working.

3 sources have tested these pyramids and have come back with the same information; they create energy that measures at 12,000. This is the same frequency as a few rare places on the planet that the energy is so good the sacred sites were built upon them.

I place a small one between myself and my computer monitor, and a medium one next to my wifi modem.

For more information and to purchase, visit my online shop.

With love, light & laughter,




Main photograph by Joy Varlet.

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