Once in a Blue Moon…

Taking a moment to reflect on all that has been happening during the past month of August, it really has been an amazing journey. A journey of learning, growth, changes and learning to ‘let go and let god’.

Setting off on the day of August’s first full moon, I packed up everything I could fit into my car, waved goodbye to my husband, put my playlist on shuffle and embarked on a 13 hour drive towards a new adventure. I arrived in a new state, to my new home, ready to begin a new job with a new and fresh outlook on life! It came to no surprise that I arrived at the front door of my new pad at precisely 11:11am – how comforting the know the angels had my back in what has been the biggest and most significant change I’ve made in the last 15 years. 

Counting down the days until my husband would finish up his work to join me in our new adventure, it dawned to me that his one way ticket is booked for tomorrow, August 31st – the day of a Blue Moon! This had me contemplating the uncanny synchronicity of the fact that we had both ‘coincidently’ left (and were about to leave) our old home and much of our past behind us, for new beginnings on the actual day of 2 full moons. Talk about synchronicity! 

We’ve all heard s much about it, so what exactly is a Blue Moon? Although the moon will look like any other Full Moon we have, when two Full Moons occur in one calendar month, the name ‘Blue Moon’ is given to the second Full Moon. Hence the saying ‘once in a blue moon’ meaning ‘every now & then’ or ‘rarely’. The last Blue Moon occurrence was on December 31st 2009.

What does a Full Moon, Blue Moon and New Moon signify and how can we utilise this energy?

A Blue Moon’s function is really similar to that of a Full Moon. When the moon is at it’s fullest and most mesmerising, important decisions are made as we can see a situation in it’s ‘full light’. This is a time for action, to tie up loose ends and to see anything set in motion two weeks prior (during the new moon) come to fruition or completion. 

A New Moon occurs when moon is in between the Earth and the Sun, casting a shadow on the earth which in turn, blacks out the light of the moon. The moon will ether appear as a thin crescent in the sky or it can completely vanish. The New Moon’s energy is best used to prep a new cycle. As the moon slowly increases its light and gradually waxes into a Full Moon, we can also notice a period of increased energy. This is a great time to start any new healthy habits or regimes as we can strengthen our drive and our chances of sticking to them.

Think of it like this, at a new moon, the moon is gathering up all it’s energy, filling up slowly and once it is full (a Full Moon) it over flows and finally showers us all with it’s blessings.

This Blue Moon occurs in mystical Pisces, ruling the imagination, spirituality and dreams. So get lost in your imagination. Step outside on Friday night, look up at the moon and feel it’s powerful energy.  Take a few deep breaths, release your worries, put an end to and make your final peace with whatever it is that has been bothering you, heal your wounds and make a fresh start.

 Needless to say, I am over the moon about finally being reunited with my husband after what’s felt like an eternity without him!

 Don’t forget to charge your crystals out in the Full Moon light and last but not least, watch out for the ‘Luna(r)tics’ out here on the roads 😉

With love, light & laughter



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