Mercury Retrograde – The Back Story

Further to my last post on “Mercury Retrograde – what to focus on and what to avoid”, I’d like to expand a little more on the energies surrounding this potentially ‘frustrating’ cycle.

The Roman god Mercury the Messenger is known as the god of trade, merchants, travellers, transportation, shipping, technology and machinery. The overseer all types of communications, negotiations, buying and selling. Mercury was the youngest son of King Jupiter and Maia. A playful trickster at times, yet Mercury was extremely loyal, and trustworthy. Mercury was a great negotiator and problem solver who also guided the souls of the dead into the underworld. You often see him pictured carrying a caduceus and wearing winged sandals, allowing him to fly faster than most of the other gods. It is not surprising that when the planet Mercury takes a backspin through the skies, so too can everything governed by Mr Mercury!

Have you noticed that a Mercury Retrograde cycle will affect some people more than others? The are many factors but on the surface, just how much a Mercury retrograde will affect you lies in the placement of where the planet Mercury resides in your Astrology Natal Chart, and also the sun sign Mercury is actually passing through. Some people who were born whilst Mercury was in Retrograde may not experience the effects as intensely as others do.

This period is best utilised for re-organising and reflecting. It allows us an opportunity to re-look at the world and your reality with a different spin on things, to experience some important revelations and ‘ah ha’ moments while tapping in to your heightened intuition.

When Mercury Retro, there is no reason to put your life on hold but by having the knowledge of, and by being prepared for what may arise, this will enable you to make the most of the current energies. Now that you are armed with the awareness and everything you need to navigate this cycle, slow down, back up everything, be patient and just breathe.

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With love, light & laughter,




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