How to get rid of hiccups – fast!

This is by far the simplest and most effective methods I have ever come across to get rid of those annoying hiccups.

So the next time someone has the hiccups, stand behind them and gently pull down on both their ear lobes whilst they swallow mouthfuls of water from a glass or bottle. By the third gulp, their hiccups will have vanished!

What happens when there isn’t anyone around to pull on your ear lobes? Simple – take the biggest mouthful of water that you can, holding the liquid safely inside your blown up cheeks (yes that’s right, you will look a little like a puffer fish at this stage). Now shift your hands to your earlobes and whilst you pull down on both of them. Next, in intervals slowly swallow the water you have contained inside your mouth until it’s all gone. 

Strange? Yes. Does it work YES! 

Go on give it a try.

With love, light & laughter,




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