Colour Conscious

As humans, we use colour to express ourselves and our individuality. Colour not only sets a trend for fashion but affects our emotions, our physical and material world. From Bright vivid rainbow hues to pretty pastels and earthy tones – don’t you just lurve how we can colour our world and how it makes us feel? Without colour, life would be very dull and somewhat boring. Have you ever noticed that your wardrobe colours change as you change? Maybe your hair colour changes with the seasons? Here is a list of feelings, emotions and associations related to colour:

Red is not for the faint hearted! It is the colour of power, intensity, passion and sexual energy. You’ll make your presence known to the world when wearing this colour. In Feng Shui, Red represents the fire element and fire represents the energy of the sun and life. It is also the Chinese colour of happiness and good fortune, the marriage colour in India and also represents love and romance. Red is associated with the Root Chakra.

A cross between Red and Yellow, Orange is the colour of creativity, enthusiasm, vitality and good health, helping you to feel confident, energised and uplifted. Orange is also the colour of the Sacral Chakra.

The colour Yellow is another feel good colour that is cheery and full of warmth. Think of our hot sun and how the sun makes us feel good! Yellow also helps you to feel inspired, playful and full of inner joy. The Chakra that corresponds to yellow is the Sacral Chakra.

It is no surprise that all shades of Green promote new life and growth. It is the healthy, healing colour of nature and beautiful gardens. Green is even the colour of money in parts of the world! On the flip side, Green can also represent jealousy and envy. Ever heard the expression ‘green with envy’? The colour  green is associated with the Heart Chakra.

Blue, a favourite of many, has a calm and serene vibe to it. Lighter shades of blue give a feeling of peace and tranquility. Blue is also the colour of intellect, communication and loyalty, so it’s an ideal colour for working with in business ventures. Blue represents the Throat Chakra.

Violet or Purple embodies luxury, royalty and wealth. Also a harmonious and creative colour, violet / purple stimulates the imagination and is related to spiritual awareness and fulfilment. These colours represents the Higher Chakras of the Third Eye and the Crown Chakra.

The allure of Pink reminds me of love, romance, sensuality, sunsets and watermelon! Long gone are the days of pink typically being a ‘girls’ colour. It looks great on men too! Did you know a particular shade of pink called ‘Drunk Tank Pink’ has been used to paint the walls and bars in prison, to suppress angry, antagonistic and violent prisoners? Pink is also associated with the Heart Chakra.

Brown is an earthy, natural colour, evoking a sense of strength, security, reliability and support. Brown is quietly confident, but never the life of the party! It has a cosy, warm and comforting feel, making us feel grounded.

We all know Black is our best friend when it comes to fashion as it is slimming and harder to stain! Black is bold, classy and powerful. It’s no wonder wearing black can make one feel sexy and confident. Associated with funerals, black can bring about a feeling of sadness and/or depression.

White is fresh and represents inspiration, purity, innocence, harmony and trust. The colour of virginity, white also has an etheric and celestial presence to it.

Silver is shinny, glamourous, sensitive and mysterious – just like the moon. Silver represents birth and reincarnation. In Feng Shui, Silver is the colour of the trust worthy and the romantic.

Attention grabbing and eye catching Gold embodies authority, luxury, perfection, financial riches, success and divine protection. Just think of the a Ancient Egyptians, Incas and Mayans, they had it going on way back when…

So with all this info on colour and how we can utilise it in our everyday lives, the next time you are out shopping what colours will you reach for?

With love, light & laughter,




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