Love Notes / Testimonials

“Since working with Sharode I have changed my career path, bought my first set of tarot cards and learnt how to protect my energy and call on Archangel Michael for protection. Sharode has given me much more than I expected and comes highly recommended.”
Michelle / Sydney, NSW
“I absolutely love all products! My Love bracelet has really given me and my environment overall good vibes, especially being hormonal while pregnant, i was able to recover from moodiness. My body (and plants) love the VibesUP water bottle. My plants thrive, and as for me… Whether i was pregnant or (currently) breastfeeding, i don’t pick up any of the viruses from daycare, unlike my son and husband.”
Missy / Miles, QLD
“I have MS but I don’t hope for a miracle cure for that, but Overall I’ll say general health and well-being have improved and I feel like I have more energy and am happy with that.”
Teresa / Portland, VIC
“I have had readings with Sharode on numerous occasions, and with each of my readings Sharode has been accurate in showing me deep seeded issues from my past that emotionally needed to be dealt with; and the tools for me to release these negative emotions in order for me to move forward and grow as a person. Sharode has a very gentle and warm presence, and I would recommend her without hesitation.”
Chantelle / Vancouver, Canada
“With her gentle and honest approach, Sharode had my respect and complete trust. Self growth and belief is so powerful and limitless. Sharode gave this back to me. I am achieving my goals and setting new ones all the time. She continues to guide me through many situations.
Thank you Angel.”
Ashley / Sunshine Coast, QLD
“I have had the pleasure to receive readings from Sharode on many occasions. I keep going back to Sharode as her readings are quite accurate in events that have happened in my life and I am very intrigued on how spot on Sharode can continue to predict my future and the path that I will take. I leave Sharode very happy & feeling a lot more positive about my future. Sharode has a nice nature, a calm approach and is very soothing in the way she gives her readings, it is a great experience! I would highly recommend anyone to go see her.”
Kristelle / Sydney, NSW
“Sharode is an excellent healer who is calm, balanced and able to effortlessly tap into her intuition to receive messages that clearly guided our coaching sessions so that I saw the blockages for myself. Sharode has lots of love to give and was incredibly patient and accepting throughout the coaching process. I felt really comfortable to do 1 on 1 coaching with her and would recommend her services to someone who required support on their journey.”
Nicolas / Sydney, NSW
“When I had my healing session, I always felt secure and that I was in safe hands. Having my healing was one of the most wonderful experiences, that helped to unblock and release negative energies that I held within me. During the healing i could feel myself getting lighter, happier and my guardian angel had even showed herself to me during the process. I highly recommend anyone to experience this for yourself. Thank you so much for this wonderful experience and I look forward to another session working with you.”
Samara / Sydney, NSW

“I was having trouble with a male spirit in my bedroom, when he wanted to appear it would be at 4 in the morning and he would wake me up by breathing on my feet or in my ear. At times I would have the blankets pulled off me, Sharode did a cleansing of my room and home and i have had no sign of him or his presence in my room since. Thank you Sharode.”
Alex / North Coast, NSW