The first (crucial) step in creating the life you want

Gazing out of the window, thoughts that I would be turning 30 in just a few days flooded my mind and I began thinking of all the new changes coming my way in the coming 9 months. I felt certain I was ready to embark on a new life adventure and I had shed my old […]

Synchronicity Vs Coincidence

Do you experience waves of synchronicity throughout your day? Or perhaps you call them coincidences? I am sure we can all relate one time or another and by working with your intuition and paying attention to these little winks from the universe, you can see little miracles occurring every day. Have you ever noticed repetitive number sequences on […]

Mercury Retrograde – what exactly does that mean for me?

It’s going down! Mercury the messenger planet of communication and thinking is moving backwards through the zodiac… But what exactly does this mean and how can we best utilise this influence? A planet is given the term ‘retrograde’ when it ‘appears’ to be moving backwards. Each planet retrogrades except the sun and the moon and it is […]

Relax, release, revive.

Some days you just feel like your patience has been put through the ringer and you have been chasing your tail for weeks. So when it feels like the world has gone mad, I can’t think of a better way to relax after the end of a challenging week than with a nice long, aromatic, hot soak […]

Message in a bottle

I’d like to dedicate this article to a darling Angel who tracked me down during a House Hay ‘I Can Do It’ seminar I attended in Darling Harbour. A woman who was about to share a message that would shape the rest my life and my future. For the purpose of this article, I will […]

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