Zodiac-StripSun signs, rising signs, retrogrades, squares, trines & the like! Have you ever wondered what all this astro jargon means?

When you delve into your Astrology Natal Report, you discover what really makes you tick, unlocking the secrets of your psyche and your potential. This 20+ page report gives you insight on how the planets and celestial bodies were aligned at the exact time and place of birth, how they relate to each other, to maximise your strengths, gain a better understanding of weaknesses and how you can work with these energies today. Perfect to gain a better understanding of your natural talents and your shadow side. Learn why you are drawn to certain careers, what you look for in a partner, why and so much more. 

For those who wish to gain a deeper into your relationship, a Couples Report is a 60+ page in-depth analysis for couples, or anyone who wants to fully understand their relationship and its underlying dynamics. It details both people in question, your public Vs. private life, the way you each demonstrate feelings, your dynamics, and much more.

A comprehensive insight into yourself (or your relationship) like no other, a gift full of ‘ah ha’ moments that you can refer to over and over again.

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