A spiritual girl’s guide to keeping the flu away

It’s winter and it’s cold and flu season. As an empath, I have always been a sensitive soul (in many ways). Some may perceive this as a gift or a curse, but I have learnt to really work with my sensitive and after years I can really embrace this as a positive thing. Connecting to people’s energy is what I do, but first I had to learn to quiet my mind, go within, listen to my own body, and tune into vibration and frequency – it’s all energy. Everything is energy! For example, look at the table below.











From this you can see it’s all about the Vibes! that when you are Vibrating high (above 56 MHz), nasty things like Colds and Flu’s cannot F with you! To learn more about vibration, frequency & positive vibes, click here.

I have been fortunate to have had only one flu over the past 11 years – I was definitely stressed and ‘vibin low’ at this time. I wanted to share with you how I keep the germs at bay.

I always keep my neck and waist warm and covered, particularly if the wind is blowing. In Chinese Medicine, the skin in these areas is seen as an extension of the lungs, so you want to avoid anything passing through the skin to affect or infect the lungs. This goes for your tootsies as well. Keep them warm with socks or slippers.  Your feet are alive with reflexology points so when you step onto a cold floor or cold tiles, you are somewhat shocking your whole body system with cold!

➳ If I’m feeling low in energy, I’ll apply a little Doterra OnGuard essential oil to the soles of my feet. The soles of your feet have thousand of receptors allowing essential oils to absorption into the bloodstream in under 5 seconds.

➳ If I have feel a little throat tickle coming on, it’s straight onto Mama’s home remedy – a hot cup of black tea, honey & lemon. There is something about that triple combo that is healing and soothing. Drink 2-3 cups for a day or 2, I find my symptoms vanish by then.

➳ Listen to what your body needs. Plenty of water and fresh, clean food. Ditch the alcohol. Allow yourself to rest as much as your body asks for. Dose up on Vitamin C. Did you know that chilli, red & green capsicum, kale, broccoli, cauliflower, papaya, pineapple, kiwi fruit and strawberries all contain more Vitamin C than oranges!

➳ If I am feeling low in energy, I tend to steer clear of crowded places but if I absolutely must venture out, I protect my energy field in a bubble of white light and or call on Archangel Michael for protection. Below is an example of what I will say to call on my homie AA Michael. This is said a silent prayer or you can say it out aloud, what ever feels right for you:

“Archangel Michael, I call on you now to protect me and my energy field from any lower, negative or unwanted energies, any viruses, bugs, colds and flu’s for my best and highest good. Thank you.It is done and so it is.” 

I then visualise AA Michael appearing behind me in all his glory, yielding his sword of light, keeping me safe and protected.

Bottle-Base➳ I have never been a fan of drinking iced or chilled water, and in winter the I even find room temperature water to be too cold to consume so I opt to sip on hot water throughout the day. My VibesUP water bottle comes in handy here. Made from food grade 18/8 Stainless Steel with a gorgeous earthing bottom containing healthy essential oils, liquid crystal and over 15 crystal gemstones also known for their therapeutic abilities to supercharge your drinking water, keeping your vibes up.

➳ Wash your hands regularly and keep your energy and vibes up at an optimum by ensuring you get adequate zzzz’s.

➳ Burning white sage & smudging your home & aura really lightens the energy and clear away and low vibes.
Note:  Always burn sage in a well ventilated area, free of fire hazards.

➳ I don’t go anywhere without my health and wellness crystal bracelet. It has a quartz liquid crystal coating that works like a natural battery amplifying and attracting specific energies and healthy vibes to you, food, beverages and body. 

➳ Breathe out. When walking past or in a grocery isle with a sniffly, coughing person, hold your breath and avoid inhaling the germs floating in the air until you are beyond at least 3 metres from them. If you haven’t initiated your white light bubble or called on AA Michael – do it!

➳ Carry your own pen in your bag or pocket avoiding having to use communal pens in doctors surgeries, banks and the like! This goes for ATM & eftpos machines too. Use your knuckle instead of your finger tip when pressing those digits.

I hope my tips can help you stay germ free too! Remember, it’s ALL about the vibes.

With love, light & laughter,




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